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4 Key Advantages of an MSP Partnership

Technological innovation is today’s norm and the reality is most internal IT services aren’t equipped to keep up. This leads to organizations being reactive rather than proactive, leaving their systems struggling to keep up with the demands of our digital world. While there are numerous advantages to having IT experts on board, here are four key advantages of an MSP partnership:

  1. Relieves IT worries. The standard role of an MSP is to provide server and systems maintenance and monitoring. This team of experts manages the hardware and software in place in addition to proactively ensuring technologies continue to meet evolving business needs. An MSP also supports users and their IT needs by taking over helpdesk duties from internal IT which leads to improved business processes.
  2. Reduces costs. An MSP can help cut business costs by reducing infrastructure expenses while applying their skills to increase operational efficiency such as endorsing a cloud migration or eliminating duplicate software. With an MSP on board, the expense of recruiting and retaining an in-house IT team can be avoided. By matching a business’s unique needs with the right technology, MSPs right-size the IT budget.
  3. Helps prevent downtime. Partnering with an MSP helps to avoid when something goes wrong and the need to find someone to solve the problem. Plus, if something does go wrong, they step right in to fix the issue – already knowing how a business’s technologies and processes work helps expedite recovery. An MSP can also help develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans.
  4. Protects from data loss and breach. No business is too small to hack or breach.An MSP gets to know a business to help future-proof its IT services. They also ensure greater risk management by taking over system security with protective firewalls, filtering and scanning in addition to keeping technology up to date and patched against vulnerabilities. An MSP can install data backup to protect important assets and valuable data then test the backup to confirm the business can restart its system when needed.

Each of the above advantages on their own is a great reason to establish a relationship with an MSP and illustrates why the role of managed service providers is becoming better appreciated and valued by any business.

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