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3 Free Password-Sharing Sites

Looking for a way to integrate a solution so your engineers can share usernames and passwords from client accounts via Autotask in a safe and secure way with the following features:

  • username and password are sent separately
  • passwords cannot be saved in text only format in tickets

Well here are 3 free password-sharing sites to check out:

SendPass logo

SendPass offers you an easy, free and secure way to share passwords by generating a unique, one-time link which you send to your recipient instead of a plain-text mail, message or post-it. SendPass implements security measures that keep your data safe by storing its uniquely generated one-time URL that is used to collect a password in their database and all passwords are encrypted twice before they are stored in their database.

SendPass can send your recipient a custom e-mail message with a button to collect the password or you can share the password link in a text message. (Note: recipients who lose their link will not be able to retrieve the password.)

One-Time Secret logo

One-Time Secret is a free app for sending single-use, secret passwords by means of self-destructing links. The service allows you to create a link from a mobile phone or tablet, and after the recipient follows the link it is deleted from their server forever. It permits the use of passwords for additional protection of transferred information.

Secrets are kept for up to 7 days for anonymous users and up to 14 days for free accounts. After that they are deleted automatically and gone forever. (Note: by the time you read a secret, it’s already deleted from their servers.)

Password Pusher logo

Password Pusher is a free application to communicate passwords over the web. For each password posted to Password Pusher, a unique URL is generated that only you will know. Links to passwords expire after a certain number of predefined views and/or time has passed.

Its simple to use: just enter a password (or text) to be shared and click a button to generate a random password. All passwords are encrypted prior to storage and are available to only those with the secret link. Once expired, encrypted passwords are unequivocally deleted from their database.


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