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Scheduling Activities, Calls, and Onsites

Effortlessly Schedule Onsite Appointments with Rocketship’s Fixed Appointments Feature

Efficient Remote & Onsite Appointments Management

As an MSP, scheduling onsite appointments with customers can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Coordinating travel time, managing technicians’ schedules, and ensuring that customers are available at the right time can be difficult without the right tools. Fortunately, Rocketship’s Fixed Appointments feature provides an easy-to-use solution to help you schedule onsite appointments with ease.

Clear and Organized Scheduling

Rocketship’s Fixed Appointments feature allows you to view your team’s schedule in a clear and organized way, making it easy to book appointments and manage your team’s calendar. You can quickly book onsite appointments for technicians and customers, and see at a glance the availability of each technician, ensuring that you can schedule appointments effectively and efficiently.

Travel Time Management

Scheduling onsite appointments often involves managing travel time to ensure that technicians arrive at the customer’s location on time. Rocketship’s Fixed Appointments feature allows you to set travel time for each appointment, so you can ensure that your technicians have enough time to travel to the customer’s location without being late.

Automated Notifications

Rocketship’s Fixed Appointments feature also provides automated notifications to help you and your team stay on track. When an appointment is booked, Rocketship will send an email notification to the customer and technician assigned to the appointment, reminding them of the appointment time and location. This helps ensure that your team is always on time for their appointments and can provide timely service to your customers.


Rocketship’s Fixed Appointments feature integrates with Autotask. By integrating with Autotask, you can further streamline your scheduling process and ensure that all of your appointments are synced across platforms.

In summary, Rocketship’s Fixed Appointments feature provides an efficient solution for scheduling onsite appointments with customers. With its clear and organized scheduling, travel time management, automated notifications, and integration with Autotask, scheduling onsite appointments has never been easier. Whether you’re managing a large team of technicians or just scheduling appointments for yourself, Rocketship’s Fixed Appointments feature can help you save time and provide top-notch service to your customers.


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