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Why can’t I see a new Tentative Appointment in my Calendar?

When using the Sealevel Operations process, new Tentative Appointments are placed into a “Pending Acceptance” state. In Rocketship, we show this by placing the Activity Card in the Pending Zone, as you can see in the example below:

Why cant I see a new Tentative Appointment in my Calendar Giant Rocketship | Autotask
A Pending Acceptance ticket under the SeaLevel Operations process in Rocketship

Until the technician clicks Accept, the Tentative Appointment is not considered valid/active per the Sealevel process. It’s important to understand the difference between a Pending vs Accepted appointment in this situation, so we included a table below to document those differences:

Shows in Pending Zonex 
Shows in Firm/Tentative Zones x
Shows in Workboard mini-Calendar x
Shows in Workboard Calendar x
Shows in Dispatcher HUD x
SeaLevel Operations Pending vs Accepted Appointments in Rocketship


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