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What does Rocketship for Autotask do for me?

Rocketship “automates helpdesks in Autotask.” Specifically, there are three labor-intensive tasks that Rocketship for Autotask fully automates:

  • Dispatching
  • Escalating
  • Scheduling

Let’s dig into those a little more.

No More Manual Dispatching

When a new ticket comes in, who gets it? What if everybody is busy? What if somebody is on PTO? What if the ticket comes in during the weekend?

Rocketship has a full understanding of everything from your timezone to your company holidays and business hours. When a ticket is Dispatched via Rocketship, we instantly match it to the correct Autotask Resource and, optionally, schedule work.

But how does Rocketship know WHO should get the ticket? We do this via Escalation Rules. Each Escalation Rules maps technical skills to tickets, e.g., “these people are good at Office 365 support.” We then analyze all matching techs and assign the ticket to the first tech that can get to the ticket.

No More Manual Escalations

In Rocketship, we use the vocabulary “dispatching” to mean a ticket goes from ‘not assigned’ to a tech. Escalating means the ticket goes from on tech to another tech. Escalations happen when you hit an obstacle that requires another tier, etc. Otherwise, Escalating follows the same process inside Rocketship as Dispatching.

No More Manual Scheduling

Rocketship has two types of scheduling. We can both Activities, and we break them into: Fixed Appointments and Next Activities. A Fixed Appointment is set to a certain day/time, e.g., “you need to go onsite Tuesday at 2pm.” For Next Activities, it’s the “next activity to get a ticket closed.” Unlike Fixed Appointments, a Next Activity is not set to a day/time, but instead given to you in the order of Priority+Ticket Age.

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