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_Welcome to Rocketship_

We are happy to welcome you to Giant Rocketship. We started out knowing there had to be a way to cut the clutter from your dispatcher and helpdesk manager. We are glad you joined us on our path to something great.

In this User Onboarding Series, we will walk you through the following must-know features in Rocketship:

  1. What does Rocketship for Autotask do for me?
  2. How do I access Rocketship?
  3. How do I dispatch a new ticket?
  4. How do I escalate a ticket?
  5. How do I schedule a calendar appointment?
  6. How do I schedule the next thing to work on?
  7. How do I get help?

In the next several articles of the New User Onboarding series, we’ll tackle each of these so you can maximize Rocketship for Autotask.

Table of Contents


In this webinar, Dustin Puryear, Autotask expert and MSP industry veteran, will show you how to set up Kanban boards in Autotask, integrate them with your workflow rules, and how to get the most out of them.

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