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How do I schedule a Calendar Appointment?

Whether you are scheduling a Calendar appointment to call a customer or because you need to schedule a time to reboot a server, we call these “Fixed Appointments” because they are “fixed” to a day and time.

Fixed Appointments differ from Next Activities, which we discuss in another KB. But, to clarify now: You would schedule a Fixed Appointment to call a customer, and you would schedule a Next Activity to work the “next activity needed to close a ticket,” even if that activity didn’t require a phone call to the customer.

This KB is specific to Fixed Appointments.

Creating a Fixed Appointment

A Prefilled Fixed Appointment Window
A Prefilled Fixed Appointment Window

A Fixed Appointment is created via the Ticket Insight via the “+ Fixed Appointment” button.

Prefilled vs Advanced

A “prefilled” Fixed Appointment is between the ticket’s Primary Resource and Primary Contact. If one, or both, of those are missing on the ticket, you will not have the option to use a prefilled Fixed Appointment.

Remote vs Onsite

One of the really cool features in Fixed Appointments is the special treatment of an Onsite. When using an Onsite Fixed Appointment, Rocketship will automatically flag the event with an icon of an automobile. This way it’s obvious that this is for onsite vs remote.

Better yet, when creating an Onsite Fixed Appointment, you can input the estimated travel to/from time. When you do this, the Activity Card on the Workboard will show an estimated travel start time, and we will show the Fixed Appointment on your Rocketship Calendar for the entire appointment time, including travel time, to help you be on-time.

An Activity Card for an Onsite Fixed Appointment
An Activity Card for an Onsite Fixed Appointment

Calendar Invites

When creating Fixed Appointments, be aware that everybody on the Appointment will get a Calendar Invite. If you don’t want a Contact to get the Invite, don’t add them to the Fixed Appointment.

Setting a Fixed Appointment to Complete

When setting a Fixed Appointment to Complete in the Rocketship Workboard, we set the associated Autotask Service Call to Complete and log the action in the ticket. This does not close the Ticket. You still need to log your time and then decide if you will close the ticket, set it waiting, schedule more work via Rocketship, or escalate via Rocketship.

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