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How long does a Sleeping Activity actually sleep?

As described in our KB article “How to Schedule Future Work”, you can schedule a Next Activity and include a “sleep” timer so that it won’t immediately appear. This is useful when you know work needs to be done, but there is an obstacle where it doesn’t make sense to do that work ASAP (e.g., if you kick off a backup and know the backup will run for at least two days).

The Sleep feature has a granularity of one (1) day. It offsets the first possible start day/time by the number of days selected. It does not set the possible start day/time to the “beginning of the day”.

For clarity, here is an example:

It is Monday 2:00 PM. You schedule a Next Activity with a Sleep of 2 days.

The Next Activity will not become available until Wednesday 2:00 PM.

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