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How do I impersonate other Rocketship user workboards?

Currently, you can do this if you are an Autotask Timesheet Approver for that Resource and you have configured the Autotask Dashboard for Rocketship to support this.

To enable this feature, do this:

Autotask Tab Level Filters for Dashboards
  1. Create a new Autotask blank Dashboard.
  2. For the Tab-Level Filter, choose:
  3. Filter = Resource
  4. Limit Selections To..: All
  5. Choose any Resource for Default Value (* due to an issue in Autotask Dashboards, this is required)
  6. Click Finish

There is a bug and/or workflow issue in creating filters in Autotask Dashboards. We’ll get around that shortly.

Next, add the Rocketship dashboard widget as described in a related KB article.

Once done, let’s edit our Filters a final time.

  1. In the Autotask Dashboard, click the dashboards’s hamburger menu->Tab Settings
  2. Set Tab-Level Filter, Limit Selections to..: Mine
  3. Click Save & Close

You should name this dashboard something related to the new feature, such as Rocketship Impersonate Dashboard.

You can now choose any Resource in the Resource Filter for this dashboard, so long as you are a timesheet approver for them.

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