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Giving an Autotask User access to manage LiveLinks Designer

Update: Rocketship/CMD is now available inside of Autotask Tickets via Ticket Insights. We no longer support the legacy LiveLink method referred to by this HOWTO.

This is an odd one! Even though there is a setting in the Autotask security classes to give a user access to LiveLink Designer, you also need to delegate that right from LiveLinks Designer itself. Otherwise, the user will not see the LiveLinks Designer in Admin.

Per Datto, the first Administrator is given a special privileged to manage LiveLinks Designer. They must give that access directly. Having access via a Security Level does NOT fix this! The solution is below:

  1. Log in as the original Autotask Administrator account (whoever signed up for Autotask generally)
  2. Go to Admin->Automation->Autoforms & Livelinks
  3. Click on LiveLinks Designer
  4. Click on Security Policies (3rd tab)
  5. Assign all permissions
  6. Click Save

NOTE: The user with the new LiveLink permissions MUST logout/login of Autotask to get all of the permissions.

Giving an Autotask User access to manage LiveLinks Designer Giant Rocketship | Autotask
LiveLinks Designer Security Policies Screen

What if nobody has the Original Administrator Account

In this case, you will need to create a Datto Support Request to get this solved for you. This is done via the Help Center button in the ? menu near your profile pic at the top right of Autotask.


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