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Enabling Rocketship in the Autotask Integration Center

This article describes how to enable Rocketship in the Autotask Integration Center. It is part of the “Rocketship & Autotask Insight/Widget Integration” series.

  1. Log into Autotask as an admin
  2. Click on Admin->Extensions & Integrations
  3. Click on Other Extensions & Tools
  4. Click on Integration Center (this screen may take 10-15 seconds to open when clicked)
  5. In the Vendors tab, scroll down to Giant Rocketship
  6. Click Edit on the hamburger menu
  7. Ensure these are set:
  8. Active = YES
    1. Integration Vendor Widgets
      1. Enable Integration Vendor Widgets = YES
    2. Vendor Insights
      1. Enable Integration Vendor Ticket Insights = YES
      2. Enable Integration Vendor Configuration Item Insights = YES
  9. Click Save & Close

The ACTIVE field is at the top, while the remaining settings are at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to set ACTIVE to yes.

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