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Creating an Autotask API User for Rocketship

Like any software that integrates with Autotask, you’ll need to create an Autotask API user for the connection. This takes about 1 minute to do.

These steps are accomplished via the the Admin->Resources (Users) screen in Autotask.

  1. Log into Autotask as an Autotask admin
  2. Go to Admin-> Resources (Users)
  3. Click the down arrow next to New and choose: New API User
  4. Under General:
    1. First Name: Rocketship
    2. Last Name: API
    3. Email Address: (typically an email to get alerts or your work email, but can be a non-working email)
    4. Active: ENABLED
    5. Security Level: API User (System)
    6. Primary Internal Location: Set this to you main Location — it isn’t relevant otherwise
  5. Under Credentials:
    1. Click Generate Key to generate a random API user loginname — you will need this later
    2. Click Generate Secret to generate a random API user password — you will need this later
  6. Under API Tracking Identifier:
    1. Choose Integration Vendor
    2. Select Giant Rocketship
  7. Click Save&Close
Add API User Screen in Autotask


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