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Can I migrate my Rocketship Settings to a new tenant?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t migrate from one tenant to another.

To understand why, consider that we integrate with Autotask, and link to various Autotask entities and picklist items. When considering two Autotask tenants, the probability that the API id of each entity and picklist is the same is essentially zero. Because of this, there would be no way for us to properly migrate “Autotask Company ‘ABC'” in a Rocketship CRM Search setting between tenants because there would not be a related ID inside Autotask.

If you do choose to use an Autotask test tenant to test Rocketship, any migrate will require that you manually reconfigure your settings and rules in a new production environment.

Because of this, we recommend that any pilots be done in your normal Autotask tenant. Rocketship does not make changes until instructed to do so, ensuring no impact until you begin actively using it.

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