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What is Autotask Inventory & Procurement

The Autotask Inventory feature consists of two modules:

  1. basic Inventory module, and in addition
  2. an add-on Procurement module that requires Inventory to be enabled first
Inventory and Procurement

Inventory management in Autotask describes all the workflows that happen exclusively at your inventory locations. Inventory locations are the physical locations where your company keeps inventory items in stock. Inventory locations can include:

  • physical warehouse or storage area
  • virtual holding place such as Returned Items
  • resource who is in charge of an item on the way to a customer location

Determining which products will be kept in Inventory are factored by the following:

  • are the items needed at all times
  • whether you get a great discount if you buy in bulk, or
  • whether you want to manage supply chain issues

Of note, the stand-alone Inventory module in Autotask is a good fit for MSPs who want to keep track of inventory items, but do not have a purchasing team that manages inventory full time.

When you enable Procurement in Autotask it streamlines purchasing, receiving and delivery of items. In addition it creates a workflow that integrates sales with the final delivery of items.

Here are the ways Inventory and Procurement connect the sales process to the final delivery of items to customers:

  • reserve stocked items on a quote
  • automatically create a sales order when an opportunity is closed
  • have items advance automatically from Purchasing > Receiving > Delivery & Shipping

Be sure to check out managing inventory and procurement in Autotask.



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