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Introduction to Dashboards in Autotask

A dashboard in Autotask is a user interface that displays and summarizes information in a graphical format relative to your Autotask activities. The main dashboard is set as the default homepage for most Autotask PSA users and resides on the main navigation menu.

The dashboard structure is organized in a tabular format that consists of Tab Groups (which allow you to organize your dashboard by grouping similar tabs). Dashboard content is presented in widgets with easy-to-read charts or tables so you can quickly evaluate and compare important data. Clicking on, or drilling down, a widget opens a window that contains the associated underlying data records.

Data access within a dashboard is controlled by the following security features:

  • Security Level. Your security level permissions assigned by your Admin define what data you will be able to view in your dashboard.
  • Lines of Business. If your company has enabled Organizational Structure and you are associated with a specific line of business, your data access will be limited to your assigned lines of business and any entities directly assigned to you.


In this webinar, Dustin Puryear, Autotask expert and MSP industry veteran, will show you how to set up Kanban boards in Autotask, integrate them with your workflow rules, and how to get the most out of them.

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