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How to CC a mailbox when creating an Autotask Service Call

Autotask Service Calls are a great way to organize/sort/order work for engineers. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to know who created a Service Call, when, why, when they did an edit, etc.

One solution for this is to create a special mailbox that contains notifications for Service Calls.

A Service Call Form can be used in the New Service Call in Tickets/Tasks as well as via the Dispatch Calendar.

What you can do is create a new Form in Autotask Form Templates of type Service Call, and then include the special mailbox in the Other Email(s) field, like so:

Email All Service Call Creations to an Email Address

To see this in action, in Dispatch Calendar for example, click New->Service Call and then choose the new Form in “Enter Speed Code”:

Note, your end-user will see the CC if you have your Form set to email them as well.

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