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Assign and Dispatch Tickets​

Rocketship’s Dispatch & Escalations Feature Automates Ticket Assignment

How Rocketship’s Dispatch & Escalations Feature Automates Ticket Assignment

As a service manager, you know that efficient ticket assignment is critical to providing excellent customer service. Manually assigning tickets to team members, however, can be time-consuming and often results in less-than-optimal outcomes. Fortunately, Rocketship’s Dispatch & Escalations feature provides a solution to this problem by allowing service managers to fully automate ticket assignment based on team members’ skills and availability.

Rocketship’s SkillTree Engine ensures that each ticket is assigned to the most qualified team member, right down to an individual technician in a tier. The SkillTree Engine takes into account factors such as experience level, certifications, and workload to ensure that each ticket is handled by the best team member for the job. As a result, service managers can reduce ticket resolution times, improve overall service quality, and increase customer satisfaction.

Easy Ticket Escalation and De-escalation

In addition to automating ticket assignment, Rocketship’s Dispatch & Escalations feature also enables easy ticket escalation and de-escalation between tiers. If a ticket requires a higher level of expertise or attention, it can be quickly escalated to the next tier of technicians for further handling. Once the work required by the higher tier has been completed, the ticket can be de-escalated back down to the original team, providing a seamless and efficient workflow.

Customizing Ticket Assignment Rules

Moreover, service managers can customize rules to ensure fast and efficient ticket assignment. For example, they can set a rule to assign all tickets related to software A to the software A specialist team. This feature allows service managers to tailor the ticket assignment process to their specific needs and ensures that tickets are always handled by the most appropriate team member.

Overall, Rocketship’s Dispatch & Escalations feature provides service managers with a comprehensive solution for automating and streamlining the ticket assignment process. By utilizing the SkillTree Engine, allowing for easy escalation and de-escalation, and enabling customized rules, this feature ensures that each ticket is handled by the best team member for the job, resulting in faster resolution times, higher customer satisfaction, and improved overall service quality.



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